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People wishing to access the countryside such as walkers have a responsibility to landowners, other users and to the land over which they walk. Bear in mind the following information.

Rights of Way in Scotland

Compared to England, it may be said that there is no law of trespass in Scotland; in fact, however, there is, but trespass itself is not a criminal offence. You may be asked to leave a property and 'reasonable force' may be used to compel you to do so; you may also be charged with causing damage through trespass, though on the open hills this is generally unlikely. In practice there has been a tradition of free access for recreational walking.

You should bear in mind that certain restrictions may apply. You should of course follow the country code and obey restrictions due to lambing, grouse shooting or stalking. Do not light camp fires since they are a danger to both forests and moorlands.

Rights of way in Scotland are not marked on Ordnance Survey maps; nearly every major glen and lochside will be a right of way. On the other hand a path indicated on the map does not indicate a right of way.

The Country Code

The following code was produced by the Countryside Commission, please follow it;

None of these rules of conduct are unreasonable or impose a burden upon the recreational walker, and yet following them will help preserve both the access to and quality of what we love - the countryside. Keeping dogs under control is of particular importance as much of the Scottish countryside is sheep country; be aware that under the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 a farmer may shoot a dog which is about to attack livestock if there is no means of restraining it available. Pay close attention to warning notices in the lambing season.

For further activities information go to the Activity Holiday, Cycling, Fishing, Golfing, or Walking Pages.

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