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Logo - Lenymede Bed and Breakfast, Callander, The Trossachs, Scotland

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Finding Lenymede Bed and Breakfast

Lenymede Bed and Breakfast is located on the western outskirts of Callander, a small rural Trossachs town, 17 miles north of Stirling, Scotland. You can only arrive at Callander from one of three directions;

  1. Through Doune on the A84
  2.  On the A81
  3.  Through Kilmahog on the A84 either from Brig o'Turk or Strathyre

Case 1. Simply drive right through the Main Street leaving the shops behind until you see Poppies Hotel on the righthand side. Lenymede B and B is the second large Victorian house on the left after this. If you pass Arran Lodge on the left you have just passed us so take the first turning on the right and follow this round until you return to the main road. We are then almost opposite you, slightly to the right.

Case 2. On reaching the Main Street turn left and then proceed as for Case 1.

Case 3. At Kilmahog, just before reaching Callander, pass the Woolen Mills on the left and continue until you see houses on the righthand side. Lenymede B and B is the first large Victorian house on the right and is immediately after Arran Lodge.

Distances and Travel Times

  • Aberdeen
  • Dundee
  • Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh Airport
  • Fort William
  • Glasgow
  • Glasgow Airport
  • Inverness
  • Newcastle
  • Oban
  • Perth
  • Stirling
    2 hr 40 mins
    1 hr 15 mins
    1 hr 10 mins
    0 hrs 55 mins
    2 hrs 00 mins
    0 hrs 55 mins
    1 hr 10 mins
    3 hr 30 mins
    3 hr 35 mins
    1 hr 45 mins
    0 hrs 50 mins
    0 hrs 35 mins

Transport Alternatives to Callander

By Car from Edinburgh Airport

Cumulative Stage RoadRoute
   Glasgow Airport, Strathyre
2.22.3M8Junction 2 (A8/A89/M9)
16.013.8M9Junction 5 (A9/A905)
16.70.7M9Junction 5 (Eastbound exit)
31.314.6M9Junction 10 (A84)

By Car from Glasgow Airport

Mostly Motorway - approximately 1 hour

Cumulative Stage Road Route
   Glasgow Airport, Strathyre
11.511.5M8M8 Junction 13 (M80)
15.84.3M80Crow Wood Roundabout
26.310.5A80M80 Junction 4 (A80/A803)
33.57.2M80Junction M9/M80
37.74.2M9 M9 Junction 10 (A84) - not J9 to Stirling

Scenic Route, initially via Clyde Tunnel - also 1 hour

Cumulative Stage Road Route
MilesMiles Glasgow Airport, Strathyre
4.64.6M8 M8 Junction 25 (A739) Look for Clyde tunnel exit
11.36.7A739A81 Milngavie

Transport Links

The following transport links may prove useful:

Further Details

For general information on the house, the area, local attractions, and activities, go to Lenymede Bed and Breakfast Introduction  Page.

Facilities and Tariffs

For information on rooms, facilities and tariffs Lenymede Facilities and Tariffs  Page.

Guest Comments

to see a selection of comments from our guest book go to Guests Comments  Page.

How to Contact Us

For further information telephone or write to James Green at the address below, send an e-mail or fill-in the On-line Feedback Form.

Lenymede, Leny Road, Callander, Perthshire, FK17 8AJ, Scotland

Phone : Outside UK (44)-1877-330952 Inside UK 01877-330952
Fax : Outside UK (44)-8700-560464 Inside UK 08700-560464

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